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Mobile Apps

mobile apps

Mobile Application or Mobile App in short, the software application designed for running on Tablets, Smart Phones and other mobile devices gaining popularity in today's world. Though the new generation mobile devices are coming with many built in mobile app, you may need many more applications to make your life easier and more convenient. When the mobile device users are looking for more and more facilities on their devices, mobile application development has become necessity.

We at XHTML Champs have expert developers who can provide you many applications on I phone and I pad. Besides, android business app and social app development will help your customers to be in touch with you through your site always. While windows phone travel and navigation apps helps your customer to find his way, Blackberry Social application will help you to promote your brand world over through various networks.

If you are in search for an expert in this area, read our experience before taking a decision.

mobile appsWell begun is half done. And this universal law is applicable to any projects. Here at XHTML Champs we start with collecting your requirements in mobile applications and we will introduce a number of applications to suit your needs. Our analysts will go deep into the details about your business and analyses the types of customers you are targeting. We may some more applications to suit your business aspirations.

Once the requirements are clear, our experts in various mobile applications such as Blackberry specialists, Android Developers etc will start working on your project.

We follow this pattern of working strictly to ensure good quality and at the same time a large level of advantages from mobile applications. The vast experience of our team at XHTML Champs, derived through many years of working with customers from different parts of the world will be put in to ensure a perfection and precision in all our projects.

What you get on Mobile Apps


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Some common FAQs

  • What is mobile app?

    Mobile app is a software application designed to run on various mobile devices including I phones, smart phones etc.

  • Is it free?

    Some apps are free while others have to be purchased by paying a reasonable amount.

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PSD to Mobile Apps- Perfect Coding

Blogs are effective media to interact with your customers effectively. The experts at XHTML provide you a world class Blog Design with all necessary features.

mobile appsMobile app has emerged as an essential thing for today's life as many people started using mobile devices such as tablets, I phones, I pads, smart phones, black berries, notebooks etc for browsing. When people are more mobile than the past, it is not possible for them to sit at a place hours long and browse through. With the introduction of portable devices, the problem has been solved to a greater extent.

However the problem now is lying with the designers. It has become mandatory for them to design websites which are mobile compatible. There are many things to be taken care while designing a mobile compatible website. Sprite images, retina eye display development etc are some of them which will help you to make your website attractive even in smaller screens. We are experts in the following area which will ensure a mobile compatible website for you.

  • HTML5-CSS3
  • Normalize.CSS
  • Less CSS
  • SASS
  • Sprite Images
  • Development for retina eye display
  • Fixed Layout Width

PSD to Mobile Apps- Standards and Compatibility

The website should be in par with certain standards and we at XHTML Champs ensure the same with our strict quality control measures.

mobile appsWhen you talk about serious web designing, it is not a child's play. Only experts and people with thorough technical knowledge can offer you a website that is in par with the international standards and specifications. We are following very strict quality control measures and the product will be tested at each and every step of designing and development. We follow certain criteria to ensure a good quality website.

  • Hand ?Coded XHTML and CSS
  • W3C valid XHTML and CSS
  • Ensuring Cross Mobile Compatibility
  • Fast Loading
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Proper Names for CSS
  • Non Web Compatible Fonts
  • Tab Indentation or Tree Structure
  • Line Endings
  • Encoding and Charset
  • Special Characters
  • Image Prefixes
  • Code Commenting
  • Native Browser and Mobile auf

PSD to Mobile Apps- JQuery for client side scripting

JQuery, the multi-browser Java Script Library is being used in almost 55% of the most visited sites.

mobile appsWe, the team at XHTML Champs are experts in dealing with this free, open source software which will make navigation, handling events and developing Ajax applications easier. Whenever you are developing a website, it should have more than one function to perform. It will have many pages too. Being experts in this area, we are using the latest technology and software to make your navigation from page to page or feature to feature easier and trouble free.

With an experience of so many years we are now perfected in the art of web development with mobile app. We are also experts in integration and customization of your existing web sites. As the time passes, you may need to add more features to your website to meet the requirements of the market. Here the experts at XHTML Champs will come for your help.