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PSD to miniBB Forums

PSD to bbpress Forums

BBPRESS is an open source forum software from Word Press which is easy to set up and easy to moderate. The facilities it allows such as dividing your site into sections, simple interface and customizable templates makes it one of the most favored forum software available ever.

We at XHTML Champs have the right experience in BBPRESS which helps us to provide you with the right kind of service when you opt for conversion into BBPRESS forum. For greater speed of the bulletin board or forum software BBPRESS will be the right choice of platform and the conversion service provider would certainly have to be XHTML Champs without a doubt!

PSD to bbpress Forums - FeaturesPSD to BBPRESS conversion is an area which demands expertise and experience to step closer to perfectly functioning forums. Our services at XHTML Champs assure you of outstanding service with the right kind of experience and technical knowledge that compliments the efforts thus put in. We not only converting PSD files to BBPRESS but also ensure that quality is maintained all the way and codes thus keyed in are W3C valid. Moreover, we optimize each and every image to making the loading fast as well as for increasing rankings during search engine optimization. Hand written codes lend additional support to you in this area.

We take extra caution while converting PSD to BBPRESS so as to produce pixel perfect files while retaining the original quality of files as well.

PSD to bbpress Forums- Oue ExperienceWe are one of leading service providers of PSD conversion services and we have vast experience in working with many reputed clients all over the world. This experience thus provided us an exposure to styles and trends world over giving us an edge to understand design tastes and culture which is preferred by the respective clients.

Our 24X7 customer support department is ever ready to receive calls and will be on their toes to offer them the solution they require. In total, we work towards being a truly global company in terms of clients, quality of deliverables and binding to commitments.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is mini BB?

    It is a standalone open source program to build your own internet forum.

  • How much it costs me?

    It is totally free and you can download it directly.

  • Does mini BB available in languages other than English?

    Yes, About 40 pre-existing language packs are available and interface language modification is also a easy process.

  • Can I customize my forum?

    Yes you can customize it to meet your needs and taste.

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PSD to bbPress Forums - Hosting

BB Press forums are gaining popularity and the attractive features of this software make it an effective media for communication.

bbpressBB Press, the forum software from the experts behind WordPress has attained popularity due to several modern features offered; it allows an effective and speedy communication across the forum. Though the installation and set up of BB Press is easy, you need the service of an experienced hand t to derive the maximum benefit out of it. With thorough knowledge in the software, our team at XHTML Champs makes BB Press hosting and BB Press installation an easy process.

PSD to bbPress Forums - Design and Theme

bbpressWebsite design and templates form the foundation of a website. Our existence in the market for last 7 years and the openness we have for new technologies and ideas brings forth our focus on importance multi-browser compatibility and multi-device compatibility of websites. Liquid layouts we provide makes your site multi-device compatible. Take a look at the following-

  • Custom BB Press Styles
  • BB Press Custom theme Development
  • BB Press Design
  • BB Press Skin
  • BB Press Styles
  • BB Press Template Development
  • BB Press Templates
  • BB Press Themes
  • PSD to BB Press conversion

PSD to bbPress Forums Customization and Integration

Customization is important as you require many unique features here. The experts at XHTML Champs not only help you in customization but also help you to shape your ideas about new features.

bbpressCustomization is important with increased expectation in website performance. Our team at XHTML Champs not only helps you in customization but also help you first arrive at the kind of additional features your website may require. The basic function of all forums would be the same; Users may need different features and functions to suit their needs. Module customization is required to set up different programs needed in your forum. Commerce customization, third party integration and other web services are required to keep you forum completely updated and in line with trends.

We offer the following services

  • Customization in Existing BB Press Forums
  • BB Press Customization
  • BB Press Development
  • BB Press Payment Solutions
  • BB Press Plug-ins
  • BB Press Plug-in Development

PSD to bbPress Forums - Module Development

Module development has to be carried out to create various programs to meet client requirements and the XHTML Champs have already proven its expertise in this area.

bbpressModules are the building blocks of programs and the need to develop new modules or module combination to enable a new program arises with inclusion of features in the website. With a vast experience in this area, the team at XHTML Champs not only develops modules to create programs to meet your needs but also throw light on the new features related to your requirement. They will thus help you add more programs and features which will thus relevant for your business and website

Our services include-

  • BB Press Module Development
  • Jabber Instant Messaging
  • ATOM Feed.

PSD to bbPress Forums - Up-gradation Services

Technology always changes and you need an up-gradation for your forum to be in tune with the latest technology. We help you here too.

bbpressWhenever you are creating a forum or website, it certainly will be in tune with the latest technology of the time. Information technology keeps on evolving and thus adding more features and facilities to the existing ones. Websites are thus expected to be up-graded and there anyways is a need for your website to stay in the lime light. Our team at XHTML Champs help you up-grade your site from a lower version to a higher version or from any other CMS to BB Press. We also undertake BB Press up-gradation service effectively.

PSD to bbPress Forums - Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and technical supports are the two things which cannot be avoided when you own a site or forum. The experts at XHTML Champs will help you here also.

bbpressForums are proved to be effective media for communication and for healthy interaction between users. Managing forums requires regular up-gradation to meet the changing requirements of the members as well as to meet developments in technology. You not only need the services of a conversion service provider who takes care of the requirements but also provide you with the technical support needed-

  • BB Press Forum Maintenance
  • BB Press Maintenance
  • BB Press Support
  • BB Press Up-gradation

PSD to bbPress Forums - Bug Fixing

Bugs can happen at any point of time and you need the service of an expert to fix it. With a thorough knowledge in complete CMS, XHTML Champs offer you the best service here.

bbpressInclusion of unique features or requirement of advanced performance from the website warrants inclusion of advanced programs in the website. These pave way for bugs or smaller malfunction in codes which hamper the overall performance of the website. The choice of the right service provider will not only help you fix bugs on time but also help maintain the performance of your website thereby reducing losses to your business. Our team at XHTML Champs has the right kind of experience in BBpress and are well aware about all areas in BBpress forums.

We would thus be able to guarantee BB Press bug fixing service within a short span of time and thereby reducing the losses to a great level.

PSD to bbPress Forums - Search Engine Optimization

When you need popularity for your forum, it should be highly optimized by search engines to attract the attention of new visitors. We make your forum search engine friendly for sure.

bbpressTWhen you need popularity for your forum, it should be highly optimized by search engines to attract the attention of new visitors. There are different methods to make your site or forum SEO friendly. Basically these methods have been categorized into two such as on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization includes all the processes being done on the web pages to make it SEO friendly. This includes, image optimization, header tags, URL optimization etc.

Our services entail proven BB Press SEO efforts that will effectively market or promote your forum too. The services provided by us at XHTMLchamps not only helps in designing, developing and hosting a site but also in promoting the same indirectly.

PSD to bbPress Forums - Mobile Compatibility

Whether it is a website or a forum, mobile compatibility has become a necessity as most of the people use tiny and portable devices to browse.

bbpressWhether it is a website or a forum, mobile compatibility has become a necessity with increase in use of tiny and portable internet based devices by consumers. Websites are being accessed on the go; most users have taken to participating in forum discussions via mobiles or hand held devices whether on the go or at leisure as well. The advent of sophisticated and smart phones such as Black Berry, iphones and devices such as notebooks, I pads etc have further contributed to the ease of using internet on the go. This makes it necessary that forums and ecommerce websites will need to be multi-device compatible.

Making your website or forum mobile compatible begins with theme compatibility on smaller screens. Service provided by XHTML Champs will help you in making your BB Press mobile compatible without compromise on user experience.