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PSD to phpBB forum

PSD to PHPbb Forum

PHP Bulletin Board or PHPBB in short is a widely used internet forum package with support for multiple database engines. It is free and an open source forum software that offers extensive customization. It has an extensive database of user-created modifications and styles which contains hundreds of style and image packages which can be used to customize your board, in minutes you can come up with a unique board! With increased popularity of PHPBB, the need to convert PSD to PHPBB format also has increased. Your precious designs should certainly not lose any charm (It can be in any format such as PSD, JPG, TIF, BMP etc), while undergoing any conversion. And to handle this it takes an expert! Our services at XHTMLchamps will make all the difference.

The two adjoining windows i.e. Features and Our Experience will re iterate what we just stated!

PSD to PHPbb Forum - FeaturesWith respect to PSD to PHPBB conversion we offer some special features such as unique admin panel through which one can control various aspects of PHPBB Forum. At the same time we also offer strict security precautions such as spam guard and ensure that the data stored is secure.

As in the case of other PSD conversion processes we offer the following-

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • High level search engine optimization
  • Fast uploading
  • Pixel perfect designs
  • 30 days technical assistance
  • W3C validation
  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% money back offer if the customer is not satisfied.

PSD to PHPbb Forum - Our ExperienceXHTML Champs is a total digital solution provider with a strong global presence. The large team of committed experts working with us and access to the finest technology in the world helped us achieve stronghold in the domains we work on. We have worked with many clients ranging from individual designers to large web designing companies across the world. The experience thus gained as been extremely enriching and thus is it forms our investment in the current projects. We learn and therefore we impart every bit of learning from a project wherever relevant in the others. This helps us deliver better quality in all our deliverables and gives us the right edge over competition. All this and more at an extremely affordable cost, what more can you ask?

Perfection, and nothing less we offer you..

Beyond psd to phpBB forum conversion


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Some common FAQs

  • What is PhpBB?

    PhpBB is a web application designed to use as a forum, discussion board or a message board.

  • Why should I use it?

    PhpBB is the widely used forum software and it is user friendly too. There are many other reasons for using it, which you will understand by using it.

  • What are the minimum requirements to install PhpBB?

    Very basic requirements such as hosting account with PHP 4.3.3 or its greater versions and a MySQL database version 3.23 or greater.

  • Where can I find more templates for PhpBB?

    There are many sources for PhpBB templates and one among them is

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PSD to phpBB forum - Hosting

We XHTML Champs ensure a perfect hosting for Phpbb websites.

phpbbphpBB or php bulletin board is a popular internet forum package which extends support for multiple data base, flat message structure etc ; though the software is user-friendly, installation and configuration can get complicated and therefore it requires the assistance of an expert in the same.

Our service at XHTMLChamps is that which is detailed in nature and encompasses PHPBB forums installation and set up as well. This helps us to provide you with better service when you require Phpbb hosting as such. In the case of our other services, we stick to time schedule and quality measures to ensure that our deliverables are in line with requirements; and possibly much more than that!

PSD to phpBB forum - Design and Theme

With the liquid lay out we will develop multi device compatible web design, theme and templates.

phpbbBy means of adopting liquid lay out we thereby develop multi device compatible web design, theme and templates. Multi-device compatibility is essential such that the performance of the website is uniform across all kinds of devices, whether it is a desktop laptop or a mobile. We perform whatever it takes to create unique designs with attractive color combinations. Ahead we ensure a fast loading website by optimizing each and every image in the page. Take a look at the following services we offer

  • Custom phpBB styles
  • phpBB custom theme development
  • phpBB design
  • phpBB skins
  • phpBB styles
  • phpBB templates development
  • phpBB templates integration
  • phpBB themes integration
  • PSD to phpBB

PSD to phpBB forum - Customization and Integration

Customization is inevitable when you require some unique functions. We at XHTML Champs have mastered in this art with the experience of last so many years.

phpbbCustomization is inevitable when there are unique functions expected out of a website. Customization will entail a group of processes, since most activities /features on a website are interlinked. It contains module customization, theme customization, commerce customization etc to obtain all the features that you may require. Third party integration and other web services will also be required on a case to case basis. At XHTMLchamps we offer the following services also as listed below:

  • Customization in existing phpBB website
  • phpBB customization
  • phpBB development
  • phpBB payment Solution
  • phpBB plug-in
  • phpBB plug-in development

PSD to phpBB forum - Module Development

We at XHTML Champs do module development with a professional touch to meet your requirements exactly.

phpbbFor module development, the first step would be to exactly understand the requirement. Client requirements may vary depending on the nature of business, region etc. When a client asks for a specific requirement, we would be in a position to analyze it in no time and accordingly draft a module for the same. The structure of the module is formulated step by step and the work will be completed within minimum time limits. Our experience in installation and hosting of phpBB, helps us all the way while carrying out phpBB module development. Apart from this we also offer Jabber instant messaging and ATOM feed.

PSD to phpBB forum - Up-gradation Services

We provide up-gradation services too to keep you in tune with the changing technology.

phpbbWe are living in a world that moves fast with changes happening every other second; after the arrival of information technology, developments in almost all fields have accelerated. The concept of websites has changed a lot after its introduction and now they have begun to play an important role in our lives as well. With advent of a development in web technology, websites will need an up-gradation to make it active, live and in tune with changes and expectations. We at XHTML Champs will be your right destination in terms of up-gradation from lower versions to higher ones and also in converting other CMS to Phpbb.

PSD to phpBB forum - Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and technical support from an expert is essential to keep e commerce websites updated and active. We provide the best service in this area too.

phpbbMaintenance and technical support from an expert is essential to keep e commerce websites updated and always on the throes of providing enhanced user experience. All websites require proper maintenance; it is more so in the case of e commerce website with forums attached to them. Our services entail maintenance of different types of websites with a complete trouble shooting team in place for any kind of assistance you may so require.

Our team of experts in Phpbb will provide you with world class service in Phpbb maintenance and phpBB forum maintenance. We also extend our services into timely phpBB forum upgrades as well.

PSD to phpBB forum - Bug Fixing

Effective bug fixing within a short time to reduce your loss

phpbbThe more complex programs used; greater the instance of bugs. So does that stop us from adding unique features to the website? Sounds highly unrealistic is it not? What you probably need is the presence of a strong service provider in terms of fixing bugs and bringing about enhanced performance of your website. At XHTMLchamps each project has been a learning experience and we ensure that each project is treated as potential source of learning while we give away our best to deliver quality results for them. The learning thus taken away helps us fix bugs.

Besides the expertise in Phpbb forums helps in actively fixing bugs in an effective manner. We offer this service round the clock and across time zones.

PSD to phpBB forum - Search Engine Optimization

By developing seo friendly websites, XHTML is really doing the marketing and promotion of your websites and forums.

phpbbThe expert designers and developers at XHTML Champs keep in pace with developments in algorithms of different search engines from time to time. Besides, our research team is always on the lookout for latest trends in the market and accordingly work on updating keywords for any specific business. With regular feedback, we develop attractive and SEO friendly websites with relevant content and appropriate density of keywords .Apart from posting content, we also take up on page optimization techniques to get maximum mileage out of your website. In this process we optimize all images in web pages and at the same time facilitate a fast loading website.

PSD to phpBB forum - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility the need of the hour is guaranteed at XHTML Champs.

phpbbAt a time when an increase number of people are taken to smaller devices such as mobile and other smaller internet based devices; a good number of people are using different mobile devices such as I phones, I pads, Tablets, Smart Phones, Black Berry, Notebooks etc for browsing. There is now a demand for websites not to compromise on experience thus provided. To sustain in the market and to be successful in business; websites need to be equipped with the latest in technology.

Now all of this is more in the case of e commerce websites and in the case of forum participations. Updating your phpbb forums is now inevitable for your website!

We take extra care while providing mobile compatibility. The major task would actually to begin with making the website; theme mobile compatible and subsequently multi device compatibility.