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PSD to Vbulletin forum

PSD to Vbulletin

V Bulletin, the internet forum software used for publishing content has grown with a variety of features such as photo albums, calendar, polls, unified permission system etc. There is a demand for web portals that facilitate interactive discussions and user friendly browsing experience. Internet forum based web applications were considered tedious till the arrival of V Bulletin and it brought out such favorable changes which actively contributed to the wide popularity gained by V Bulletin.

There is a lot of scope for PSD to V Bulletin conversion and it demands a lot experience as well as expertise to handle it as well. When the portal is actively used to propagate business with emphasis on communication, the portal will need to be attractive as well as interactive. We at XHTMLchamps help you with just that! World class websites on V Bulletin within no time and at a reasonable cost.

PSD to Vbulletin - FeaturesWe take up Module installation, modifications, and forum maintenance, set up, hosting, CMS Implementation and customization. We are quite familiar with V Bulletin 1, V Bulletin - Lite, V Bulletin 2, V Bulletin 3 and V Bulletin 4 and implement strict quality parameters to be followed so as to ensure a high quality product at the end. Read on the following lines.

  • Search engine friendly web pages with high ranking.
  • Pixel perfect designs
  • Fast Loading website
  • Reasonable prices

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PSD to Vbulletin - Our ExperienceFor the best quality service available in the world with the best of technology you should opt for our services at XHTMLchamps. Our qualified designers are available for any alteration in the original designs required as well. State-of the-art designs created by us will be sliced with great care and converted into Vbulletin without losing any of the original features and quality. Our quality control department keeps checks on all stages of work in progress thus minimizing the instance of errors. And thus we are able to ensure high quality of deliverables to all our clients. Still in doubt? Entrust us a project and get back the entire money if you are not satisfied.

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Some common FAQs

  • How can I order V Bulletin?

    Currently V Bulletin is accepting order and payment via PayPal, Credit Card or Wire Transfer. Order forms are available online.

  • How much it will take to get the information about my license information?

    It depends on the payment method you used.

  • Can I get a trial version of the software?

    Being a visible source, it is not practical to offer the full version of the software for evaluation. You can open a sand boxed demo for evaluation using this system.

  • What are the systems required for V bulletin?

    The software has been successfully installed in various versions of UNIX, WINDOWS and MAC.

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PSD to Vbulletin - Hosting

XHTML Champs provides a perfect hosting for V-Bulletin forum.

vbulletin-iconWe at XHTML Champs will be in position to give the right kind of hosting and installation services for V bulletin. We have a strong global presence with our services and hence we have handled multiple clients from across the world .Our hosting systems are in line with trends in technology ;take a look at the following-

  • vBulletin Hosting
  • vBulletin Installation
  • vBulletin Configuration

PSD to vBulletin - Design and Theme

The team of XHTML Champs is experts in creating attractive web design with unique theme and mobile compatibility.

vbulletin-iconThe team of XHTML Champs is experts in creation of unique themes with come with mobile compatibility. We always prefer to deploy liquid layout as the design can be made compatible with multiple browsing devices such as I phone, I pad, Tablets, Smart Phones etc. We also are adept at creation of template designing and integration too. The following are the service we offer in this direction-

  • vBulletin template development
  • vBulletin design integration
  • Theme installation
  • Re-designing solutions
  • vBulletin design
  • Graphic creations
  • Branding services
  • W3C Standard compliance service
  • Expanded photo and video capabilities
  • UI features activity stream
  • Controls to assist with the placement of advertising elements
  • Mobile optimization

PSD to Vbulletin - Customization and Integration

We do customization and integration with care and use all our talent to suit your needs.

vbulletin-iconWhen you want the forum to perform in an enhanced manner, you will need customization services which will include module customization, theme customization, commerce customization, third party integration and other web services. We at XHTML Champs enjoy a reputation of having completed multiple projects over a period of few years on these lines. Read on the following lines-

  • vBulletin CMS integration
  • Plug-in development
  • Dynamic forum development
  • vBulletin payment solution
  • vBulletin web development
  • vBulletin forum customization
  • vBulletin application development
  • Open source vBulletin development
  • vBulletin forum integration
  • Cross-content search

PSD to vBulletin - Module Development

Module development for creating different programs to suit your needs will be done effectively.

vbulletin-iconModules which play an important role in the performance of websites have to be developed with great expertise to suit your needs. It is needed to develop different types of modules to suite different client needs. With a thorough knowledge in the system, and understanding of client needs modules will need to be developed. After appropriate understanding and matching of needs of the client expectations from the website, module development is undertaken and actively deployed. Read on the following lines-

  • vBulletin modules and add-ons
  • Custom module development
  • Quality assurance
  • Project discussion and evaluation
  • Simplified site set up and Customization

PSD to vBulletin - Up-gradation Services

Time to time up-gradation is needed to make your site attractive and more user-friendly. We offer the best service in this area.

vbulletin-iconTime to time up-gradation is needed to make your site attractive and provide enhanced user experience. Expectations in terms of performance and features available in the website is on the rise and an outdated website begins sliding down in terms of popularity. Upgrades on the CMS used, features available in the website and overall experience provides will constantly need to be worked upon. We at XHTML Champs provide all forms of support in up-gradation of sites from a lower version to a higher version or anything else that may be required. At the same time we also extend conversion services from other CMS to vBulletin.

  • vBulletin Up-gradation
  • Customization in existing vBulletin website
  • Rectification of PHP and MySQL Errors
  • Solutions for HTML and CSS related problems
  • Internet Forum Software

PSD to Vbulletin - Maintenance and Support

XHTML Champs maintain your forums and websites effectively and provides you timely technical support.

vbulletin-iconE-commerce websites and forums demand regular maintenance primarily because these are interactive in nature and we at XTHMLChamps provide you just that; Information needs to be updated from time to time and features need to be added from time to time and effective optimization. At XHTMLchamps you will be provided with an array of such services in web development, hosting and maintenance all for a reasonable cost!

PSD to Vbulletin - Bug Fixing

Bug fixing will be done with extra care as we at XHTML Champs know how important your data and time are.

vbulletin-iconWith increasing expectations on the performance of your website, complicated programs are written. These advanced programs may cause some errors or malfunctions (these could be errors in codes) thus bringing down the overall performance. These programs cannot be avoided as you focus on increased performance on your website

For interrupted functioning of your website, these bugs have to be tracked and fixed from time to time without delay. It is here that our services at XHTML Champs would come to your rescue! We are experts in all areas of CMS and CSS and hence are adept at fixing these kind of mishaps with ease.

We offer technical support and troubleshooting services in V bulletin forums along with bug fixes as well. Right from the development to maintenance, if all the services are available under one roof, why at all look elsewhere?

PSD to Vbulletin - Search Engine Optimization

vbulletin-iconSearch engine optimization revolves around two concepts- On page and off page optimization techniques. On page optimization includes everything that can be possible on web pages to make it more SEO friendly. This includes, posting SEO friendly contents, image optimization URL optimization, Audio-Video Optimization, Tags Optimization etc. More over W3C compliance will help for search engine optimization. Off page optimization refers to those factors that have an effect on the listing of your web site or Web page in natural search results.

For whatever it is in our control, we take all precautions such as keeping the keyword density as per the standards put forth by search engines, avoiding duplicate content etc. Our other features in this area are:

  • SEO friendly vBulletin Websites
  • V-Bulletin Search Engine Implementation
  • Friendly URLs
  • Increased Social Engagement.

PSD to Vbulletin - Mobile Compatibility

By creating mobile compatible websites and forums, you can increase the reach of the same to more people.

vbulletin-iconWith the developments in technology, a number of smaller and portable devices have come up for making internet browsing more easy and interesting. Use of devices such as mobile phones, I phones, I pads, Tablets etc are on the rise and access of ecommerce sites via these devices have also increased in proportion. There is now a demand for websites to be mobile compatible; display in such a manner that it is uniform across desktops/laptops as well as on mobile devices.

The most important step in this direction is to develop mobile compatible theme. We at XHTML Champs are experts in developing such themes; theme compatibility is the first step among various processes to develop a compatible website.