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XHTML Champs follows a strict working style to ensure a customer friendly atmosphere and a smooth functioning. We offer a prompt service to any customer irrespective of the time zone he belongs to.

Eight Steps to Excellence









When an order is finalized, many details have to be taken care for a successful completion. Our well experienced customer support team will go through the details provided by the customer thoroughly and will check up whether those details are enough to take up the project. They will take the assistance of Project Manager and other concerned persons to make your order a perfect one. If any more information is required, the customer support team will contact the customer immediately. We at XHTML Champs know that time is precise. So all these works will move even faster.

The enquiry for estimation should contain several details such as the number of pages, availability of fonts used in designs, number of extra features required, whether the customer will provide all designs or not etc. All these points will make clear during the first step of work flow i.e. Estimation. Depending on the nature of requirement and depending on several other factors, the estimation will be prepared and will be sent to the customer. No doubt that this process too consumes a little time.

Project Management System includes two different aspects. The management of works being done on a project is efficiently carried out by the management of XHTML Champs. This includes regular checkups for meeting the deadlines and the quality of work done by the members of the team.

In the second aspect we provide a chance for the customers to keep a track of the project entrusted on us from time to time through online. Each customer will be provided with an access to our PMS with the help of a unique ID and password. Using this facility a customer can be in touch with our team members and air their views and suggestions about the progress of the project. They are also welcomed to put in their suggestions regarding any changes to be made from the original work order at any point of time.

When the project has passed all the necessary quality tests as per norms and if the requirement of the client is limited to HTML, the same will be sent to the customer on completion of all above mentioned processes. It will be sent to the developing department if the client requires any further work such as CMS implementation or E-Commerce integration etc.

Any project will not be a complete one unless it meets certain standards. Quality is as important as timely completion. Our well equipped Quality Assurance department does the job of assuring the quality for you. Each and every projects will be tested thoroughly to find out whether it meets the standards put forth by XHTML Champs as well as international norms such as multi-browser compatibility, W3C validation etc. If the project fails in any test the same will be sent back to the developing team for necessary rectifications.

After deriving the necessary details, the development department will get engaged in the project. They will carry out the work in stipulated time under the strict supervision of higher management and send the same for quality test once again after completing the task.

The project will again undergo strict quality control testing for the newly added features. As in the earlier testing, here also the product should meet all the quality norms put forth by XHTML Champs as well as the international norms. The members of quality control team will examine each and every minute detail to make it perfect and if anything found to be out of order the same will be intimated to the concerned person. The development team will make the necessary changes and again send it for testing.

Once the product is found to be meeting with all the quality standards put forth by XHTML Champs and the international norms, the same will be delivered to the customer. The customer will be intimated about 30 days free technical support too at the time of final delivery.

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