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Achievements of XHTML Champs

XHTML Champs, one of the top companies in the world has a story of
success to tell. Begun in 2007, the growth of the company was consistent and the graph was always going high. Begun as a PSD conversion service provider, XHTML Champs created a niche of its own in the field which made it one of the leaders in the industry. Serving many clients all over the world, XHTML Champs established its global presence in a short while of time. Read More

The clean track record with a good number of satisfied customers helped the company to keep its position in the industry intact.

While leading towards success in the PSD conversion field, the company has come out with various related services too such as CMS implementation, E-commerce integration, mobile application, web designing, Digital marketing etc. XHTML Champs has always stuck to the policy of customer satisfaction and the company followed the same in every areas of business. The sincerity and efforts displayed by the team of experts at XHTML Champs paid back. XHTML Champs has been elected as the number one service provider in PSD to Joomla conversion service by the real users. Many people who have experienced the services of different service providers participated in this online poll conducted by

Anyway, the saga of success of XHTML Champs is not limited to PSD conversions. The real champions excelled in every field they entered. Many websites designed and developed by the company gained much acclamation from different people including experts in web technology. The perfection and precision gained many awards too. Recently a website designed and developed by XHTML Champs got nominated for prestigious CSS Design Award which is considered the Oscar Award for websites.

Currently, XHTML Champs is coming out with their new website which will be a treasure of knowledge regarding web technology. This new website really reflects the present day status of the company as one of the leaders in the industry. Apart from PSD conversions, the company enjoys the patronage of a good number of clients from all over the world in mobile application and in digital marketing too. The professional approach and proper planning which have been exhibited by the company in PSD conversions is continuing with other services too. That is the most important reason for the success of XHTML Champs in all fields where they entered. Close

Ants, the lucky mascot of XHTML Champs

There is a popular quote from the famous American author Clarence Day, ?Ants are good citizens, and they place group interests first.? That was not the only reason for us to select the ant as our mascot. Ants are progressive and proactive and also adapt to the environment very easily. They never let anything including natural disasters come in the way of their progress. Read More


Besides these qualities ants are:
  • Well organized and we too followed the suit.
  • A group of unselfish who work for the team and we copied this habit.
  • Having a great spirit of sharing and we learned that it is necessary to achieve heights
  • Displaying an amazing sense of discipline which we adopted in our life.
  • Very prompt in action which we too follow and we gained the goodwill of a good number of clients from all over the world.
  • Tireless and we too became tireless to achieve the perfection in each of our projects.
  • Highly persistent and we made it a habit to remove all the obstacles in our way.
  • Great planners and we took a lesson or two from them to be planners

Now we had no heart to think about anything else as our mascot.

When we started the venture, XHTML Champs, our main inspiration was the determination and the will power of these small creatures. That is why we did not have to think twice when we had to decide upon an image as our mascot for our website.

The second step was to decide on the color of the mascot. Orange is considered the color of power which stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. That could be the reason for picturising the lady-luck in orange color. We were the beginners. All we had with us at that time were a will to experiment and a dream to achieve the heights. The enthusiasm within us may be the reason that made us to choose orange color for the mascot.

All those things happened seven years back when we started working together as ants. The creativity and the talent helped us a lot. The will to work harder and the mind to accept new challenges took us to new heights. We too developed along with the developments in technology. We always kept our eyes open to see the latest developments in web technology and we never thought again when we have to hug the latest technology. Thus we could reduce the size of scissors in the hands of our ant. From the technology existed seven years back, we have improved a lot with most sophisticated and user-friendly technologies. This helped us to serve our clients better and automatically improved our client base.

Presently, we are one of the top ten service providers in the world in PSD conversions. We are also among the top ten who do CMS implementation, E-commerce integration etc too. As symbolized by our mascot, ant, we were also proactive and hard working all over these years. Now we are expanded our business to more areas and fast approaching the Numero Uno position in the industry. We are providing services in web designing, digital marketing, mobile applications etc too.

Even though we reached the top, even after achieving the targets we had seven years back, ant, our mascot stayed with us as an obsession. It remained the single source of inspiration for us. Hence we dressed him up in blue attire which symbolizes inspiration. Blue is the color of sea as well as that of sky. It represents the depth as well as the height. Or in other words the blue color symbolizes the inspiration and the sincerity. Now we are moving forward with our mascot with a new face. We are moving towards new heights. We are dreaming about new achievements.

Though everything is new, still there is something that can be changed hardly. We are still following the same business ethics which we followed so far and following the same business policy ?Customer satisfaction is more important?. Close

Workshop on Interpersonal Skills

What are interpersonal skills
Interpersonal trait is the relationship skills of an individual with people around. A corporate executive with good interpersonal skills would maintain good relationship with the manager and team members
To improve interpersonal skills
Whether you are giving a business presentation or having a professional conversation Read More

at work, Intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences are the two vital elements of basic human skills.To improve interpersonal skills, all that you have to do is remember and practice 4I mnemonic summarizes the basics of interpersonal skills and it stands for
Instinctive (Inborn)
I=Others (consideration)
Instinctive (Inborn)

Being aware and understanding the instinctive (inborn) behavior of people would be the first level of interpersonal communication. Instinctive human behavior can be broadly classified into three; apathetic, sympathetic and empathetic. These three behavior can be understood with an example situation:-

Imagine that saw a road accident right in front of your eyes while you are waiting in the bus stop. If you are an/a:

Apathetic person, you wouldn't care about the accident

Sympathetic person, you would feel sorry for the accident occurred

Empathetic person, you would help the person to recover from the accident by either calling an ambulance or take the victim to the hospital. Empathetic people look for solutions rather feeling sorry about an incident. Close

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