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Shopify, the E-commerce web application is providing the best solution for online stores with its many features. Though the system is user friendly, you need the help of an expert to install and develop websites based on Shopify. We at XHTML Champs have a pool of experts who are well versed with Shopify. While hiring them, you need to pay only for the exact working hours and thus you can reduce the cost effectively.

Our Shopify specialists are dedicated to the projects related to Shopify only and this specialization made them perfect in the system. We offer this perfection on hire basis for a reasonable price. Besides, the system of assigning people for special tasks will reduce the turnaround time too.

We offer the service of our experts in developing new sites, upgrading and updating your existing site, and also in any other technical matters related to Shopify. Contact us for the best service for the best price in the industry. Our experts are always ready to serve you and can work at any time comfortable for you.

hire a shopify developerFull Time Hiring

Developer Cost


  • Per Day : 8 hours
  • Per Month : 21 days
  • Total Monthly : 170 hours
  • Min. Contract of Hiring : 3 Months
  • Billing Cycle : 50% advance & 50% at the end of month

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hire a shopify developerPart Time Hiring

Developer Cost


  • Per Day : 4 hours
  • Per Month : 21 days
  • Total Monthly : 85 hours
  • Min. Contract of Hiring : 2 Months
  • Billing Cycle : 50% advance & 50% at the end of month

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hire a shopify developerHourly Based Hiring

Developer Cost


  • Per Day : 4-8 hours
  • Per Month : 21 days
  • Total Monthly : 170 hours
  • Min. Contract of Hiring : 3 Months
  • Billing Cycle : 50% advance & 50% at the end of month

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hire a shopify developerWeekly Time Hiring

Developer Cost


  • Per Day : 5 hours
  • Per Week : 25 hours
  • Billing Cycle : 50% advance & 50% at the end of month
  • Best for New Relationship

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Benefits of hiring a Shopify developer

Hire a shopify Developer

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Hire a Shopify developer- Access to Professionals

iconBY hiring a developer, you are getting access to a team of skilled professionals who are committed to make their each work a unique one. Instead of using pre-designed templates they will create a customized design from the scratches. That makes your website stand ahead of the rest in your category.

Being professionals who live on their expertise and talent, they will offer the best service to the customers as they mainly depend on business that comes through references. Hectic competition prevailing in this field is also one another reason why a hired developer delivers the best result.

The vast experience they derived from working for different customers will certainly make the difference as they will do the best to match with the taste of each customer.

Hire a Shopify developer- Less Completion Time

iconThe professionals you are hiring will be looking for a fast completion of project to undertake more projects. When they want to deliver the quality for their existence in the industry they have to deliver fast too for improving their business turnover.

These two facts necessitate the usage of sophisticated technology and professional developers who work on hiring basis will have access to the latest technologies.

Besides, being this their profession, they will be updated with the latest developments in the industry and the same will be used for a fast and high quality result.

In a world that moves fast, waiting for a website to be developed is equal to losing a good number of customers. Here the professional developers hired by you will come for your help.

Hire a Shopify developer- More Traffic

iconA professional developer will have in depth knowledge about the functioning of websites and should be aware about the pros and cons. With his expertise and talent he can make your website a popular one. Or in other words he can attract more visitors to your website.

Being familiar with the different algorithms of different search engines he can design the websites in such a way that ensures a high ranking in search engine results. When your website gets displayed in one of the top positions of search results, it will get noticed more and thus the traffic to your website also increases.

Attractive designs and apt content may tempt people to refer your people to others and the same also will help you to increase the traffic.

Hire a Shopify developer- Less Production cost

iconBy hiring a developer you are not only availing a professional's service, but also reducing your production cost. When you hire a professional developer you are just paying for his service or for the hours he works for you and nothing extra. However, keeping an in-house developer will increase your overhead expenditures as you will have to take care of the wages and other benefits even for the days he does not work.

Secondly, you will have to update your technology from time to time to get the best result from an in-house developer. This will certainly cost you dearly. Apart from updating your technology you will have to spend much on your in-house developer to be familiar with it. When you hire a professional developer, you do not have to invest either on technology or on training.

Hire a Shopify developer- Zero Recruitment Hazards

iconAs a successful businessman you are already aware about the lengthy and tedious processes involved in getting highly competitive and reliable people to work within an organization. You will have to spend a lot of money on advertisements etc to make your requirement public. You may get a large number of applications and it is a hectic process to sort the best among them. You will have to use a lot of manpower in this area which would have been used for some more productive things.

Personal interviews conducted at various stages to filter the best candidate are again costing you a lot in terms of money and manpower. By hiring a developer you are avoiding all these processes. You save money and you can use the manpower in some other areas to improve your business. Thus indirectly you are reducing more overhead expenditures by hiring a professional developer.

Hire a Shopify developer- Zero initial investment

iconIf you are planning to set up an in-house design and development unit you will have to spend a lot initially. You will have to spend for the accommodation, equipments and technology before appointing developers. When the term investment is used here it not only indicates the financial investment, but also the time invested by you to set up the same. You will have to spend a lot of time from your busy schedule in selecting the place, equipments etc. If you would have used the same time span in some other areas of your business, you would have improved a lot.

While hiring a developer, neither the accommodation nor the equipments are your headache. You are hiring a professional and all you want to have a result. Rest everything will be taken care by the person whom you hired. Thus you save a lot of time and money in this regard too if you hire a developer.