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PSD to Oscommerce Integration

PSD to Oscommerce Integration

OSCOMMERCE is the next level PHP based e-commerce web application and online store management system that works on any server with PHP and MySQL. From its arrival, this content management system has been widely accepted and according to a rough estimation about 13,000 websites are powered by this application. Its key features include user-friendly framework, object oriented backend, multilingual support, are more importantly the fact that it comes with an automatic browser based set-up.

Opting for PSD to osCommerce services brings about a transformation of your design templates into a dynamically functional Ecommerce template. Additional reasons of popularity of this CMS Oscommerce is the wide variety of features it comes with such as easy installation of the shop owner, efficient running and maintenance of the online stores that can be carried out in an extremely simple manner.

PSD to Oscommerce Integration - FeaturesHand coded W3C valid XHTML/CSS makes your website search engine friendly. It automatically leads to achievement of high rankings for your website and thus attracts more traffic to your website. Since all images are optimized and the HTML codes shorten, fast loading is enabled for your website.

Visitors may be used in different browsers and if your site is not compatible with all browsers, the number of visitors will drop automatically. We at XHTML Champs provide websites with cross browser compatibility. The technical support we provide is live and will effectively guide you towards corrective steps whenever required. Timely completion and quality work drives us and we work towards delivering the best to you. All this and more at a competitive price, what are you waiting for?

PSD to Oscommerce Integration - Our ExperienceThe requirements in E-Commerce websites will certainly differ from one site to another; with our exposure we would be in a position to assess your exact requirements and deliver products that would match with your requirements in all aspects. Working with a range of clients from world over has enhanced our avenues of helping your website perform better and this begins in the stage of conversion itself. Our team at XHTMLchamps have successfully carried out multiple PSD to OSCOMMERCE conversion projects and will be in a position to create a world class website that meets your requirements.

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Some common FAQs

  • What is an oscommerce?

    Os-commerce is an online shop e-commerce solution with a wide range of features that help you to set up an online shop quickly and easily.

  • Is Os-Commerce free?

    Yes it is free under GNU General Public License.

  • How to install Os-commerce?

    Os-Commerce engine needs MySQL database to store website data. Access your hosting control panel and create new database. You should make it sure that all the applications required to work with Os-commerce is available. The list of required software is displayed in the template preview page.

  • How much secure Os-commerce is?

    It allows the use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption. Other features in the administration area make it secured.

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PSD to Oscommerce - Hosting

With a thorough knowledge in installation and set up XHTML Champs offers a perfect hosting.

oscommerceAt XHTMLChamps we have emerged to be one of the leading service providers in effective OSCommerce installation and hosting. Having handled different types of requirements across a range of clients has enriched our ability to be able to host Ecommerce sites in that manner which helps performance. At XHTMLchamps you can avail of these services in a reasonable price.

PSD to Oscommerce - Design and Theme

Unique designs in liquid layout will make the same impression about your website in all types of screens.

oscommerceUnique designs in liquid layout will bring about the same performance of your website in all types of screens across size/resolution. We at XHTML Champs are capable of designing and developing websites with not only multiple device compatibility but also with multi-lingual options. Unique theme, templates etc helps your website stand out and can bring about repeated visitors to your website. Once again this brings about an improvement in website ranking. Take a look at the following services we offer-

  • osCommerce template
  • osCommerce design integration
  • osCommerce web development
  • osCommerce theme design
  • osCommerce web services development
  • PSD to osCommerce
  • Multilanguage support

PSD to Oscommerce - Customization and Integration

Customizing your website to meet all your requirements is no more a challenge. Experts at XHTML Champs are here for your help.

oscommerceCustomizing your website to meet all your requirements is no more a challenge. It encompasses the following processes such as Module customization, commerce customization, theme customization, third party integration etc. However the extensive training and experience in handling different kinds of requirements makes us stand apart; we offer the following services for a reasonable price-

  • osCommerce shopping cart
  • oscommerce addons
  • osCommerce e bay integration
  • osCommerce online merchant
  • osCommerce contributions
  • osCommerce store development
  • osCommerce addons Development
  • osCommerce payment gateway development
  • osCommerce shipping solutions
  • osCommerce customization
  • oscommerce integration
  • osCommerce CRM integration
  • osCommerce CMS integration
  • osCommerce social media integration
  • osCommerce ERP integration
  • osCommerce design integration
  • osCommerce Amazon integration

PSD to Oscommerce - Module Development

We do module development to incorporate different programs on your website to enable you to perform unique functions.

oscommerceWe undertake module development to incorporate different programs on your website to enable your website perform unique functions. Modules are parts of programs and so as to create any additional unique function you need to develop modules. We have actively engaged in OsCommerce installation and hosting and are well versed in this CMS which helps us carry out many Oscommerce projects for different clients. We also offer the following services:

  • osCommerce modules
  • Custom module development
  • Easy populate
  • Cart error handler
  • Column bannerGoogle checkout

PSD to Oscommerce - Up-gradation Services

Time to time up-gradation is needed to keep your website live and at the same time to provide more information and features to the visitors.

oscommerceTime to time up-gradation is needed to keep your website buzzing with activity and at the same time to provide more information and features to the visitors. The technology has improved a lot in the recent decades and now it is improving at an increased pace. Content management systems are out with latest versions every now and then. New features and new templates are being offered and certainly websites are to be kept in pace with these developments. The team at XHTML Champs does exactly this; keep your website upgraded when the need arises. We will also be able to help you with conversion from another CMS to osCommerce.

PSD to Oscommerce - Maintenance and Support

We will be there with our technical support when you need it most. We can also take up maintenance of your website.

oscommerceE-Commerce websites require regular maintenance to improve the quality and bring about enhanced functioning. Ecommerce as a sector is also prone to a lot of changes alongside changes in your business too. It is imperative that there needs to be a dedicated team which will take care of the maintenance of your website from time to time. While we provide the most suitable osCommerce solutions, we also provide you the best of osCommerce Support.

PSD to Oscommerce - Bug Fixing

Identifying bugs and fixing it will be carried out with expertise and within minimum time limit to minimize your loss.

oscommerceUpgrading websites is some sort of a double edged sword; when you need more features in your website you choose to build a complex program. Minor mistakes committed at any stage causes bugs or certain malfunctions and in return these bugs may cause loss of data affecting the business.

A thorough knowledge about complete CMS is required to identify and fix these bugs as early as possible. Being involved in all areas such as installation, integration, configuration, development and hosting, we would be in a position to handle these issues in a more efficient manner. Our osCommerce bug fixing service is available in a reasonable price.

PSD to Oscommerce - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, the best marketing strategy to promote your website should start at the time of design and development.

oscommerceSearch Engine Optimization, the best marketing strategy to promote your website and this should commence at the time of design and development. Creation of contents that have relevant keywords in right density and also types of on page optimization such as Meta tag optimization, image optimization etc will bring about a favorable ranking to your website .Search Engine Optimization is more important for e-commerce sites given the kind of competition..As OsCommerce has become one of the most sought after CMS for E-commerce, we would be able to help you with special techniques on osCommerce SEO which will help you increase the ranking of your osCommerce website.

PSD to Oscommerce - Mobile Compatibility

Search Engine Optimization, the best marketing strategy to promote your website should start at the time of design and development.

oscommerceSmall and portable mobile devices such as smart phones, notebooks, tablets, I phones, I pads, Smart Phones, Black Berry etc have taken over the minds and market of consumers today. Interestingly trends indicate that most of E-commerce websites are being browsed in such hand held devices. The reason being the portability and ease of use of mobiles to access such websites. Thus mobile compatibility has emerged to be a concept that has to be incorporated in websites.

Most importantly clarity and the quality of the design and templates should not be compromised while making it mobile compatible. Theme compatibility is of utmost importance here we realize that here in XHTMLchamps . The service we provide for OsCommerce mobile compatibility will have the just the kind of perfection and precision your website requires.