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PSD to XCart Integration

PSD to XCart IntegrationX-Cart is open source PHP shopping cart software which would ideally suit online business owners considering cost effective solution to establish their virtual portal. X-Cart is free to download, fast and does not really the support of a dedicated server. X-Cart is template based with an open source code which allows you to modify the appearance / functionality of the shopping cart to suit specific requirements. There are no clauses mentioned with respect to the range/number of products that can be on display and the code is completely optimized for performance for over 20,000 products. It offers to accommodate unlimited products and the designs can be customized completely. All these features help make your site unique and completely customer friendly.

The system can be incorporated with any reputed payment gateways and at the same time it also ensures the safety in money transactions as per the norms accepted internationally.

XHTMLchamps will provide you with the best of PSD to X-CART conversion that can help you bring out the best of these features.

PSD to XCart Integration - Features

    Read on along the following lines for more clarity on the kind of service we offer-

  • We offer tailor made solutions to suit the needs of each customer.
  • Well experienced and highly qualified team of developers who are capable of taking advantage of the features offered by X CART; which will include customizing designs completely to create a website which will simply stand out.
  • Efficient maintenance of X CART websites.
  • Cross Browser compatibility and search engine friendly pages to ensure maximum traffic to your website.
  • We follow HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1 markup specifications strictly.
  • Stringent quality measures to ensure what we deliver are what we promised.
  • 100% money return offer if the customer is not satisfied with our work.
  • 24X7 support team to address your queries and to update about the status of the project handed over.

PSD to XCart Integration - Features

  • With time we have had the opportunity to serve a range of clients with different requirements. This experience helps us understand your needs better and can give you the right solution you are looking for without much fuss.
  • We have been exposed to different kinds of styles and trends prevailing world over. This enhances the quality of the project results delivered.
  • We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, and hence our enriched reflect in the way we work and thus helps us deliver better.

Beyond psd to XCart Integration conversion


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Some common FAQs

  • What is X Cart?

    X Cart is a PHP4/PHP5 and MySQL based shopping cart software with the support of smarty template technology.

  • Does X Cart Support Paypal?

    Yes it does support.

  • Can I purchase installation and/or Customization services after ordering X Cart?

    Yes you can. If you have purchased X Cart without ordering for additional services, you can purchase the services later.

  • Will X Cart run well on web server with PHP5?

    Yes it will.

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PSD to XCart - Hosting of X Cart

The experts at XHTML Champs will provide you a trouble free hosting.

psd to xcartAs discussed all along XCart comes with easy to use features thus providing your website with added attraction. Our team at XHTMLchamps is adept at X-Cart installation, configuration and implementation as well. The working schedule we follow will bring about timely delivery of all our projects. Apart from X-Cart hosting our services extend to X-Cart server management as well.

PSD to XCart - Unique design and theme

We always think a bit different and thus we always come out with unique designs and themes.

psd to xcartWe focus on deploying liquid layout as we are particular that web design, theme and template appear in a uniform manner across all screen types and sizes. Apart from creating multi-lingual websites we provide the following services too.

  • X-Cart template installation
  • X-Cart design
  • X-Cart custom design
  • X-Cart templates integration
  • X-Cart skin customization
  • X-Cart design integration
  • Graphics creation
  • Branding services
  • W3C Standard compliance sService

PSD to XCart - Customization and Integration

We offer everything in customization and integration of X-Cart under one roof.

psd to xcartWith websites being expected to perform different and unique functions you may need additional module customization, commerce customization etc. Apart from these services we offer highly professional and quality web services in theme customization, third party integration etc too. Besides all of that we offer the following services as well

  • X-Cart customization
  • X-Cart payment gateway solution/integration
  • X-Cart development
  • X-Cart payment gateway integration
  • X-Cart product input/data entry
  • X-Cart database importing and exporting
  • Customer management
  • Customer reviews
  • Multiple checkout options
  • One mall/ Multiple vendors
  • Order management
  • Selling anything- products services and even downloads
  • Sell everywhere- multiple currencies and languages
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • User-friendly shopping
  • E-Commerce web application - cross platform

PSD to XCart - Module Development

The experts at XHTML Champs will help you to install any types of programs by developing suitable modules.

psd to xcartWhile creating a website it is necessary to add unique features in line with client requirements; the functionality of any website can be enhanced by way for including more modules in the existing program. XHTML Champs has brought about many unique features as and when needed. We have a team of experts who are engaged in constant research and development and would spring ideas as and when the need arises. The expertise we have in custom module development has won us laurels from clients all over. We also engage in X-Cart module installation/ integration effectively.

PSD to XCart - Providing up-gradation services

In a world where the technology keeps on improving you require the best service provider for up-gradation of your website.

psd to xcartIn a world where the technology is subject to a lot of change it is important for your service provider to also pay attention to upgrading your site when needed. More so in the case of Ecommerce sites which require upgrades periodically. The team at XHTML Champs carry experience in project evaluation which will work to the advantage of your website.

Further, we help you with the following services:

  • Up-gradation from lower versions to a higher one
  • Conversion from other CMS to X-Cart
  • X-Cart Store migration from one server to another
  • X-Cart migration
  • X-Cart up-gradation

PSD to XCart - Maintenance and Technical support too

We provide the best technical support available in the industry to all our customers, especially to those who are into E-Commerce.

psd to xcartWebsites are always subject to change depending on changes in business or in technology. Our team at XHTML Champs are ever ready to help you address issues encountered during the functioning of your website as well as help you in maintaining website overall. Our experienced and learned Quality Assurance team will keep a vigil on all the services thus given and these also are subject to different type of quality tests. Further we also provide world class Xcart support.

PSD to XCart - Bug Fixing

While bug fixing process we take all precautions to minimize the losses due to bug infection.

psd to xcartBugs or malfunctions occur with complexities in coding or during inclusion of advanced modules in the existing program. The process of bug fixing is carried out by us at XHTMLchamps with great care so as to minimize losses. Once again it requires a thorough knowledge of complete CMS is needed to carry out bug fixing efficiently and effectively. Our team takes pride in completion of bug-fixing tasks with minimum time and thus positively influencing the performance of your business. We have specialists who are well trained at X-Cart Bug Fixing.

PSD to XCart - SEO friendly

By creating SEO friendly pages, we ensure a good number of visitors to your website.

psd to xcartOn page optimization is about posting relevant content of the business with enough keywords placed in relevant places. We realize the importance of such content and we carry out the needful. X-Cart SEO is slowly gaining focus and we realize that and are quick to implement the best of practices for your website. It is important to pay attention to a possible PHP and MySQL errors which will need to be identified and rectified as that may affect the chances of optimization negatively.

PSD to XCart - Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility will help your website to reach a wide range of visitors without losing the original charm.

psd to xcartWith an increase in mobile devices are being used for browsing it is necessary for websites to have mobile compatibility. It is more so in the case of e commerce websites. We at XHTML Champs focus on theme compatibility given the importance of themes in websites. We help you create a uniform theme and design for your Xcart website which will work on mobile as well as on desk/laptops uniformly.