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PSD to Zencart Integration

psd to zencartA group of likeminded shop owners, programmers and designers had it in them to make a difference in e-commerce web designs, the result was ZENCART. It is quite user friendly and at the same time it provides for unique solution for payment gateways set up, custom module set up and ZENCART theme and template installation and configuration. Mostly MySQL language and HTML components are used in ZENCART and it supports many languages and currencies.

Given all these features, ZENCART has slowly grown to be a hot favorite for those involved in selling products and services online. However, without proper conversion from PSD to ZENCART the website does not get rendered in an attractive manner nor can all the advantages of features be taken care of by ZENCART completely. You automatically realize the need of searching for a PSD to ZENCART conversion service provider; you search should end here with us at XHTLCHAMPS.

psd to zencartAt XHTML Champs we are driven by customer satisfaction and we would be in a position to perform towards delivering results that satisfy clients completely.

We step up and offer 100% money back if in the circumstance of the customer not being satisfied with the quality of our work. We also extend a 30 days free technical support too to all our clients. Take a look at the following, in a nutshell-

  • Perfect Codes: We provide clean and hand coding which will ensure cross browser compatibility
  • W3C Valid XHTML and CSS:Codes will be clean and hence make the page search engine friendly. W3C validation ensured.
  • Non Web compatible fonts: Use SIFR, Cufon, @Font-face and Google fonts to get non web fonts.

PSD to Zencart conversion - Our ExperienceAt XHTML Champs we are not driven by numbers instead we direct our efforts towards creating a pool of satisfied customers. We realize and propagate the following ideas at all levels in the organization-

  1. Quality of the products: Constant efforts and hard work we put in simply ensures good quality of all our products delivered to our client's world over.
  2. Timely completion:All efforts put in towards a project falls flat unless and until it is completed within a given stipulated time. With a large team of experts XHTML Champs is capable of handling even larger projects with narrow deadlines. We strongly believe that the deadlines serve as a guiding force towards a well planned schedule of work which can be followed to achieve results.

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PSD to Zencart Services

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Some common FAQs

  • What is Zencart?

    Zencart is a free, user friendly open source shopping cart system.

  • How to set up Zencart?

    Zencart is free and it can be installed and set up by anyone with basic knowledge in computer and internet.

  • Is Zencart designer friendly?

    Zencart provides a robust and customizable storefront. It is easy to keep update with latest features.

  • Why Zencart?

    Zencart is an open source e-commerce application written in PHP and with a MySQL database.

PSD to Zencart - Efficient in hosting

With the vast experience and thorough knowledge in installation and set up of Zen Cart, we make hosting easier.

psd to zencartZen Cart is extremely user-friendly and an easy to install content management system. There is certainly the requirement of the help of a professional service provider to host your website with zencart. Experts in Zen Cart installation at XHTML Champs will provide you with a service that is unmatched, not only in installation but also in terms of hosting a zencart website. Our exposure in the zencart set up also provides you with continued services in the future. Our developers are also well equipped to take up maintenance and alterations of your website depending on the need.

PSD to Zencart - Attractive themes and alluring designs

The designs and themes that attract the visitors will certainly increase the popularity of your website.

psd to zencartWe at XHTML Champs give importance to imagination and creative thinking along with technical expertise so as to bring out the best for your website. We have quite a good number of developers with technical ability and as well as creative though process. Take a look at the following services offered:

  • Zen Cart custom template
  • Template design and integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple custom modes
  • Zen Cart design integration
  • Zen Cart custom template and theme development
  • Zen Cart mobile template design
  • PSD to Zen Cart
  • Zen Cart web services.

We also offer unique web designs on liquid layout to suit any size of screen.

PSD to Zencart - Customization to meet your needs

When you need your websites to do some unique activities, you need a customization.

psd to zencartClients require websites for different purposes and their requirements also vary accordingly. Customization is required here to ensure that the website is capable of carrying out all the functions required by the web owner. It may be module customization, commerce customization, theme customization, third party integration or web services; your one stop solution for all services will be at XHTML Champs. Our team of developers and programmers will provide you the following services-

  • Zen Cart customization
  • Zen Cart integration
  • Zen Cart development
  • Functionality customization
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Multiple payment options
  • Zen Cart product upload
  • Zen Cart payment integration

PSD to Zencart - Apt Module Development

When you need to add one or more features to your website, you need an apt module development

psd to zencartThe needs of a client may vary from time to time as far as features are concerned. Different website suit different purposes as well as maybe required to extend enhanced features to suit some timely need. The modules added to the content management system make the difference here and only an expert developer can suggest the best modules to meet client's requirements. Following are the areas where we excel:

  • Zen Cart plug-ins
  • Zen Cart modules
  • New Module development
  • Zen Cart custom module development
  • Zen Cart widgets
  • Kurrenci
  • Swipe HQ checkout
  • Fat Zebra gateway
  • Paygate ZA
  • Robobank Omnikasa
  • Swiss billing
  • Luottokunta
  • Ozopost
  • Curreios
  • Fedex XML
  • Ship works
  • DG reviews
  • Amazon checkouts

PSD to Zencart - Up-gradation

If you are looking for an up-gradation from lower version to higher versions or from any other CMS to E-commerce, we are here to help you.

psd to zencartIf you are looking for an up-gradation from lower version to higher versions or from any other CMS to E-commerce, we are here to help you.

The permanent aspect in technology is change; and therefore there always is a need for you to up-grade your website from time to time to keep up with changing times. Changes in website may also be triggered by certain additional performance related expectations from the website. It may be an up-gradation from a lower version to a higher version or a Zen Cart Data migration; it would all be needed to keep your website in tune with the latest trends.

Our team is adept at carrying out Zen Cart up-grades. With our experience and access to the latest in technologies we offer a high end service in store up-grades and maintenance too.

PSD to Zencart - Proper Maintenance and Support

Without proper support and maintenance, you cannot run the show beyond a certain period. Here comes the necessity to look into the track record of a service provider before engaging him.

psd to zencartProper support and maintenance forms the foundation to a sustained performance of any website. Any website would need proper maintenance to keep it updated and also to make necessary changes to give a new face from time to time. Zen Cart Troubleshooting and support we render will only lend you further support in this requirement. We at XHTMLchamps are masters in Zen Cart Maintenance; hand us over your zencart website and watch others speak volumes about it!

PSD to Zencart - Bug Fixing

Fix the bugs before they fix you

psd to zencartWith advances in technology and complexity in programs, the incidence of bugs or malfunctions due to errors in codes also has increased. Some bugs also can tamper with data on your website; largely affecting the smooth functioning of the CMS. Our team is expert in Zen Cart bug fixing and carrying out the required corrections on your website. With experience and the thorough knowledge they have on Zen Cart, our overall service with respect to zencart websites has earned us quite a reputation thereby an expanded customer base.

PSD to Zencart - Effective SEO Techniques

We at XHTML Champs make it sure that all websites we create will have high search engine optimization.

psd to zencartThe right technique of SEO brings out the visibility of your website. We at XHTMLchamps provide the right mix of both on and off page optimization; we help you fill in the right kind of content with enough keyword density. Our research and analysis team will be in a position to provide you with the latest and commonly used keywords used by internet users which would be relevant to your business. By rendering your website SEO friendly we actively help you in marketing/promotion of your business on the internet as well. Our expertise in Zen Cart SEO and Zen Cart load optimization automatically improves the ranking of your web pages.

PSD to Zencart - Mobile compatibility

It is necessary to be in tune with the developments in technology to sustain in the market. We are moving towards this goal by providing mobile compatibility to your website.

psd to zencartWith increase in web applications, the number of devices used by consumers to browse the net also has increased. With the advent of smaller devices such as Notebooks, Tablets, I Phones, I Pads, Smart Phones, and Black Berry etc, there is an increased access of websites via these mediums. And thus it has become imperative that the websites become compatible with all such devices. At XHTMLchamps we have handled incorporation of unique features of Zen Cart I Phone Template, Zen Cart I Phone app, Zen Cart I Phone and Android mobile Template etc.

We would be in a position to effectively deploy mobile friendly designs in your website thus. Given the growing popularity of Ecommerce websites, our team would be in a position to create the right kind of mobile friendly zencart website for your business.

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