Details of the Non disclosure agreement (XHTMLChamps)

The team at Xhtmlchamps do not infringe into your copy-rights at any cost. All use of your images/art/text etc will be utilized only to carry out project deliverables or the in the larger objective of helping you accomplish your goals.

We hereby declare that all details disclosed to us with respect to the project – art, images etc and the contact information shall remain confidential strictly.

The team will not indulge in divulging information of any sort or establish any other unwarranted contact with anything related to your business thereby. We strive at mutual respect to be established in all business dealings.

Disclosure of personal information-

All the personal details obtained through order form, request form etc., the personal information thus obtained is for the purpose of identification by means of using first name, last name, contact details email, Date of Birth, gender, phone number and the like. It is to bring to your notice that this type of information thus voluntarily submitted by the user establishes greater level of communication between the client and the team at Xhtmlchamps.

You may be rest assured on the privacy and non disclosure of any personal information thus shared with us at XHTMLchamps. The same at no cost will be sold, updated or shared with anyone outside of the purview of the project than our own reliable resources & partners upon such a situation that may arise for assistance and support to the project.

Data obtained via technology-

Web servers gather the information about your IP address/ domain names etc when you initiate a visit to our website, for us to pursue statistics such as number of visits thus made, pages viewed, average time spent on the site by the user etc. The same will be used by us to help enhance performance of our own website thereby helping us serve our customers better. This data is gathered by deploying cookies and navigational data (such as URL) so as to track the date & time of the visit, type of browser and operating system thus used.

The information thus obtained is put to use by-

Any kind of personal information gathered at the time of placing an order is hereby only used to complete your order details. There is strictly no disclosure of this data to any third party. Email addresses are being used for any kind of communication that may pertain to the order thus placed with us. This also remains undisclosed to any external party.

We constantly direct our efforts on improving the appearance of our website and we disclose that to advertisers which definitely non-identifying, aggregate information is. For instance a figure of the number of visitors will only be quoted without any direct indication of details of the visitor. Any kind of personally identifiable information so revealed to us in ways unrelated to all that listed above will strictly be prohibited against any kind of unrelated use.

Rights for the customer-

You may at any time refuse receipt of marketing emails, newsletter, RSS Feeds and or other form of electronic communication via the “unsubscribe” feature that can be selected.

Privacy Policy-

It is understood that you agree with all our policies and practices demonstrated in the privacy statements upon going through our site. We reserve rights to all information provided in our privacy practices; the same can be amended, altered and/ or updated without the prior notice. We therefore highly recommend you to review our privacy statements thus listed from time-to-time to clearly understand our process. From here any subsequent use of our site and related services shall merely indicate that you are acquainted with the amendments thus carried out and agree to abide by the terms and conditions thus listed amicably.

Security of information-

You may be rest assured that all kinds of information thus entrusted with us is risk free , free from misuse and falls under high standards of security.

Contact us at-

Please mail us at for all incomplete details that need to be handed in to us, you may also touch base with us for any clarification on our privacy statement.

You may call us at +1-619 618 0404 or provide complete details on our contact form for us to call you back.